Magnolia blossoms - central to Anathic language symbolism

Anathic (Á h-Ænæþ, pronounced [oɑ ˈhanaθ] in Anathic) is the language spoken in Hoyer (Á h-Ór), an island located in the Denitian world. It is spoken by approximately 300,000 speakers in Hower and a further 5,000 worldwide.


Old Anathic (Á h-Ænæþ Séyn) was the variety of Anathic spoken until the 5th century. Anathean mythology claims that the language was brought to the island in the blossoms entwined in the antlers of Theyfryng ("Á Þéfryŋ - lit. the source of the trees) - the great hart who is central to the Anathean mythos - who placed the blossoms from its antlers into the mouths of the mute children born of magnolia tree roots, which were themselves born of Theyfryng's blossoms. Anathic speakers therefore traditionally viewed the language as a gift to help them communicate with nature.


Anathic is written in the Latin alphabet with the following letters:

Aa Ææ Bb Cc Dd Ðð Ee Vv Ff Gg Ŋŋ Hh Ii Ll Mm Oo Pp Rr Ss Tt Þþ Uu Wω Yy Ɛə

Anathic uses only two diacritics; the grave for stress and acute for long vowels or syllabic nasals.


Anathic has the following consonant phonemes:

Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
plain lateral
Plosive p b t d k g
Fricative f v s (ʃ) x (ɣ) h
Nasal (mʰ) m (nʰ) n (ŋʰ) ŋ
Trill (rʰ) r
Approximant ɫ j w