National flag of Á h-Ór, featuring a young Á Þéfryŋ with the country located between its antlers.

Hoyer (Á h-Ór, pronounced [oɑ həʉr] in Anathic ), is the country in which Anathic is spoken in the Denitian world. It is compromised of six counties and has ten small islands. It has a population of approximately 300,000 and is among the most populated lands on the planet.


Hoyer is the Anglicised form of Á h-Ór, which comes from Old Anathic ā həhur, meaning 'the great land'. In poetry and mythology, Hoyer is refered to as Á h-Ɛdír n'Á Þéfryŋos (Theyfryng's land, lit. the great country of the great source of the trees).


Not being densely populated, Hoyer's geography remains largely unaffected by man. Its inhabitants consider the land to be split into four main parts: the coast, the desert, the meadows and the mountains. Historically the majority of the population lived along the coast or in the mountains, with travellers living in the desert in an almost nomadic fashion. In contemporary Hoyer however the desert has been slightly urbanised due to it being poor farming land while the meadows have remained mostly wild.


The main religion of Hoyer is a form of Naturalist Pantheism or Nature Worship. Mythological deities are worshipped mainly by the elderly and are used for traditional and ceremonial purposes only.